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Challenge 00: Time to pimp



Activity: Time to pimp!
Deadline: End of phase
Points: 5 points for any pimp anywhere. 25 points max
Summary: Go tell people we're back and open and ready to play!

So this phase we're going to have a little special incentive — if you participate in a certain number of challenges this phase (75 percent or higher), you will earn bonus points at the end for your team, and if you participate in them all, then you get even more bonus points.

This challenge is the only one that won't count for that (I hate pimping challenges and being forced to do them, so I feel it would be hypocritical of me to force you all to do this), BUT you will still earn points.

You can pimp up to 5 places — your personal journal, your graphics/fic journal, other landcomms, other comms, twitter, tumblr, facebook, whatever you want. If you put a graphic on your profile page and link back to shonda_land, that counts too. You get 5 points for every pimp, with a max of 25 points.

There is no time limit for this. You can do it now or in December though I obviously prefer you do it now!.

To help, here is a pimping banner from last phase (if anyone has any others or wants to make any others, please let me know and we can add them):

If anyone has any questions, please let me know! Otherwise, submit links to your team thread. You get 1 bonus point for using a team icon or a sigtag (if you don't have one yet, you can add it in later, for this challenge only).

Now let's go get some fresh blood!
Tags: *phase 3, challenge
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