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13 January 2013 @ 07:05 pm
Results and the winner

Hi everyone!! Student teaching is crazy/exciting/wow.

It looks like everyone is down for another phase in April so we'll do that. Maybe some team shuffling too since Mak ended up being alone in participation.

Feel free to post in the comm or your team comms during the break.
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03 January 2013 @ 05:01 pm
Okay, it seems like LJ is back to working. I am going to extend deadlines and have challenges 15.2 (SS Making), 19 (One sentence at a time), 20 (Pick a number), and 21 (Essays) be due by Friday, January 11 at 9pm. That gives you a week from tomorrow and hopefully LJ will behave :D

Please complete the poll. I would like to know how many of you would like to have another phase. I can run another phase but I would rather do phase 6 starting in April when I graduate so that I'm not penalizing any of you by not having time during my student teaching. Or Kristine could run phase 6 starting once this one is over.

Poll #1888442 Phase 6

I would like to come back for phase 6

I'm not sure yet

When would you like Phase 6 to start?

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02 January 2013 @ 09:28 pm

I am having major problems accessing the site as seems to be the case for others. I'm on my phone right now and I know we have challenges due tomorrow, Friday, and Saturday. I will extend the phase - those of you who can see this please pass it on. Don't stress if you can't post by the due dates, I'll extend for about a week after lj starts working again.

I hope this posts!

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30 December 2012 @ 10:00 am
Your mission, should you choose to accept it (and I hope you do), is to work with your team to find the following list of items.

You will have until the end of the phase (January 6) to post your findings. You will post them in your team thread in this post. Comments in that post are screened so you can post things as you collect them. The first team to find and post all items wins the 1113 mod points. If no one team finds everything by January 6 the team who finds the most things wins.

As I said in the challenge post, some things can be found online and some things can be found offline. The point is to have you find these items, not make them yourself. I made sure all of the things I'm asking for exist so you should be able to find them.

If you have questions, post them here.

1. a gif of Ben Warren in a scrub cap

2. a cap of Addison delivering a baby (c-section doesn’t count)

3. your GA/PP DVD or CD or book (you need to be in it in some way)

4. a fic with the paring April Kepner and Izzie Stevens

5. a gif of a SL sibling

6. a cap of someone – not a main character – who has been in both GA and PP. This can be two different caps posted together or you can use photoshop skills to combine them into one photo.

7. bandaid(s) on you (only one of the team members needs to do this)

8. seven icons that could be considered bright

9. Teddy Altman

10. a fic with the pairing Addison Montgomery and Erica Hahn

11. one of your team members drinking visible juju (hot chocolate)

12. a cap of the hospital daycare

13. a fanvid with the theme ‘dreams’

14. five picspams not made for SL or by you

15. Tequila. At your house or a place where you are.

16. five caps of five different SL main actors in different roles. (5 caps total)

17. your local hospital

18. each participating member in a photo with their favorite character

19. eight icons that have them theme ‘space’
28 December 2012 @ 08:25 pm
Challenge 22: Win My Points Scavenger Hunt

Activity: Win 1113 points.
Deadline: When you finish.
Points: 1113 team points.
Summary: I will be posting the scavenger hunt on Sunday, December 30 at 10am EST//2pm UST. I want it to be fair for both teams so that gives you time to get the word out and get ready. I will post a list of 15-20 things you need to find either online or offline (take a photo and post it). The first team to complete the scavenger hunt and post their findings will win the 1113 points.
23 December 2012 @ 04:52 pm
Challenge 21: Essays

Activity: Essay!
Deadline: Saturday, January 5 at 9pm EST// Sunday, January 6 at 1am UTC
Points: 60 points max (30 points per essay) + bonus points for icons or sigtags & comments
Summary: Write an essay on why you love a certain character. Give examples, give your reasons, etc. Your essay must be at least 450 words (and longer if you like). You can write up to 2 essays and they can both be from the same show.
23 December 2012 @ 04:50 pm
Challenge 20: Guess The Number

Activity: Guess the Number
Deadline: Saturday January 5 at 9pm EST// Sunday, January 6 at 1am UTC
Points: from 5 - 100 + bonus points for icons or sigtags
Summary: Comment with a number from 1 to 20 and you will in an amount of points determined by the randomizer from 5 to 100 points. Multiple people may guess the same number.
23 December 2012 @ 04:43 pm
Challenge 19: One Sentence

Activity: One Sentence at a Time Fic
Deadline: Friday, January 4 at 9pm EST// Saturday, January 5 at 1am UTC
Points: 5 points per sentence (no max) + bonus points for icons or sigtags
Summary: Write a fic by submitting one sentence at a time. Comment in the comments with a new comment, not by replying to the comment before. You cannot post more than one sentence in a row - you have to wait for someone else to post a sentence before adding another. We can make this as cracky and weird as we want.
23 December 2012 @ 09:46 am
Good morning! I'm going to be posting the last few challenges today or tomorrow and that will take us though the end of the phase!

Team Hardcore -- total 51
funkyshaz57 23: 20 + 3 (you didn't comment on other entries)
xena_and_gabby 28: 20 + 3 + 5

Team Tequilashots -- total 100
mak62184 29: 20 + 4 + 5
safertohateher 26: 20 + 5 + 1
sunshineangel89 6: 5 + 1

team_hardcores 2459
teamtequilashot 1451


We have to rank movers!

Gabs has moved up to Department head

and Steff has been promoted to Resident
14 December 2012 @ 08:19 pm
Challenge 18: Pic Spam

Activity: Spam with pics!
Deadline: Monday, December 31 at 9pm EST// Tuesday, January 1 at 1am UTC
Points: 40 + bonus points for icons or sigtags & comments
Summary: Make a pic spam containing 20-25 images, edited in some way. The theme of the spam is Favorite Surgery.